Our advocacy work for homeless youth

With the help of informed, caring people like you, our grassroots advocacy efforts have already made great strides in
defending the rights of homeless teens – from Washington D.C. to Latin America to your hometown.

Our legislative agenda focuses on four key advocacy areas 


Trafficking ofMinors

Foster Care

Employment and
Education Programs

Housing Programs

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Trafficking of minors

Saving Angels is on the front line of the war on trafficking –
providing direct care for countless young victims at our shelters and
working to stop this exploitation as part of the strongest anti-
trafficking coalition in the United States.

Foster care reform

A vast number of our kids come to us from the foster care system –
many have been treated like “a paycheck” or were stripped of
support at age 18. Through ongoing advocacy efforts, we work to
bring broader attention to faults within the foster care system.

Employment and education

A majority of kids entering our shelters are unemployed or lack a
high school diploma or GED. We provide both education and job
training services and fight for more effective policies to connect
homeless youth with crucial resources in these areas.

Transitional housing programs

Solving youth homelessness requires more than just short-term
solutions. Kids off the streets need ongoing guidance to live
successful, independent futures. That’s why we advocate for critical
legislation to help fund long-term programs for homeless youth.

Opening Doors For Homeless & Trafficked Youth

For over 20 years, Saving Angels has sheltered and cared for these young people – now standing as a powerful human rights movement for homeless and trafficked youth in 31 cities across 12 countries.